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The life in Cyprus

Posted by y2hdn on September 29, 2015
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Cyprus is a country that is associated with traditions, culture, history and even myths. It is known as a heritage that’s over 9,000 years. Other than its great history, this place has the latest European lifestyle.

It is the meeting point of three continents: Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This island is the third largest throughout the Mediterranean region. It features a variety of landscape and scenery from beautiful beaches to mountains.

With its good and warm climate, living here is a luxury. It is rich in economy and tourism, making it a great destination for summer vacation backpackers and foreign students. Cyprus is an ideal choice if you want to invest something for the better.

Government and International Relations

Cyprus is a sovereign and independent republic but practicing democracy as a form of the presidential system of the government. It has independent judicial system, but its legal system is patterned from Britain’s. There is also Land Registry Office that is reliable and advanced. It is a member of the United Nations, European Union (since May 1 of 2004), and the Commonwealth. Since January 1, 2008, Euro is the country’s official currency.

Results as an EU Member

There are several positive changes after obtaining an European Union (EU) membership. These include the freedom of the European people to move around the island, which makes it a great opportunity to invest in properties and/or start businesses, alongside holiday vacations at anytime. Through this membership, the country also has increased the demand of employees and foreign exchange movement.

It’s also expected for legal constraints in the property’s ownership, company purchases and foreign investment to boost over a period of time. This can result to an increase in the profits of the investment properties within the country.

There are several expectations in regards to businesses and life in Cyprus. Associated laws as well as general and common standards will upgrade. There will also be improvement in the environment with excellent safety measures. To sum it all, there will be greater improvement and better life in this part of the world, especially in less developed regions that are eligible for the assistance of the EU.

International Connections

Cyprus’ new international airports in Pafos and Larnaca are connected to all countries of the world. Entry through ports is also available in Limassol and Larnaca. There are more than 30 airlines with regular flights to over 260 destinations around the world. They are all under the country’s national carrier. For sea shipping, it includes cargo and cruises line that are operated by a local merchant fleet, which is the fifth largest around the globe.
Means of Communication

Cyprus telecommunications utilities are ranked 3, which is among the highest in the world. There is direct dial access to more than 200 countries, modern cellular phone services and Internet networks. Although the native languages are Greek and Turkish, public communication, such as TV, satellites, and radio, as well as print media and publication are available in English.

Banking & Economy

Cyprus economy is provided by the services sector that are 78% responsible of the state’s GDP. Tourism is the most active economic activity, followed by real estate and financial institutions. This is the reason why Cyprus is a part of the top high income countries around the world. The cost of living is as similar as other European countries and the UK and that makes its standard of living high. Along with the international banking system, banks established here providing satisfying, efficient, and advanced services to all individuals and businesses from local citizens to foreign residents.

Legal Framework

Cyprus has legal framework that is stable. It is patterned along the British system


Since it’s a member of the Eurozone, the official currency is Euro. Many establishments accept other currencies in cash, cheques and credit/debit cards.

Insurance and HealthCare

Cyprus has a high standard healthcare services but fairly affordable. Most of the doctors are trained and educated in the US or Europe. The consultation fee is almost €50.

Major cities in the country are the places where to find modern and advanced hospitals and clinics. The Resort also extends this type of service, which is available in 24 upon contact, through the doctor and pharmacist assigned here.


Pets are allowed to bring here in Cyprus from other countries. A license, which must be taken in advance at the Department of the Veterinary Services, is a requirement. There must be quarantine at home for a minimum of six months.

Language, People, and Climate

Cyprus is proud of its best climates: long and warm summers and steady winters. It’s almost an all-year round sunlight. This provides people the opportunity to enjoy summer activities.

English is the medium language for foreigners to mingle with other residents. Russian language is used frequently because of so many Russian residents in the country as well as increase in the business of Russia in the country.

Cyprus is also a favorite destination due to the warmth of people. They are known to be friendly people.

Quality of Cyprus Life

Cyprus must be proud to advertise its very low crime rate, which is just 1.6% in the whole European nation. This place provides visitors the best security, thus, giving them peace of mind and safety.

Moreover, this island provides goods and services that have standard price similar to most European nations. Various sweet fruits and fresh vegetables are offered at local markets. Its large and wide supermarkets are packed of both imported and local goods. A 17% VAT is included, but there are several food items, medicines and others that are exempted.

Foreigners that move into Cyprus are allowed to buy a single car duty free but retired immigrants are entitled to get two cars.

Cars used here are driven on the right side and driven along the left side of roads. Signs are in English and Greek languages. Anyone can experience a safe and convenient way of travelling for short distances driving. In addition, it is allowed for foreigners to legally use their own country’s driver’s license when driving along Cyprus.

Living in Cyprus is convenient, safe and very ideal for all people especially those who are seeking for a retirement destination.

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